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Let Rehearsal Room bring the Q Crew straight to you

Never has it been so easy to create your own unique production of Avenue Q. Rehearsal Room has all the production items ready for hire. What we can offer you is:

- A complete set of production puppets that replicate the Original Broadway production designed by Rick Lyons as per the licence specifications

- There are multiple puppets of most characters to avoid difficult costume changes

- Our puppets have been made with the highest quality Antron Fleece and furs, constructed by professional puppet makers

- All props and costumes for the puppets

- A set of rehearsal puppets to use from your auditions

- HD animations that are required for every scene, with a few extras

- Our own licensed character puppets ideal for ensemble and publicity requirements

- All items are delivered in large lockable road cases with wheels, complete with stands and costume hooks that can be used in your stage area for storage and safe puppet care

- As much assistance as possible to make your production the experience of a life time

- Rehearsal Room staff can come and provide training for your performers for a small fee

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